With Easie it is easy to make great selfies!

couple cherche femme a Limoges Recently I wrote that I will start making some experiments with iOS SDK and release simple apps as a result of those experiments. Easie is the first such app. Easie lets you use face detection on your iOS device to make better selfies! Just tap to activate face detection and make awesome selfies with your back camera! Get vibration and flash […]

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Sprite Kit Pong and Breakout

Hi! I really like Sprite Kit and I wanted to show how easy to use and powerful Sprite Kit is. So I made Sprite Kit versions of two legendary games: Pong and Breakout. You can check them out on my github page: Sprite Kit Pong Sprite Kit Breakout

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Color Maze exclusive iOS release

Hi! Two days ago I released new and fun game called “Color Maze”! It is made with Sprite Kit! Tilt your device and move the ball through maze! 60 unique levels that will give you hours and hours of pure fun, entertainment and challenges! Compete with your friends on Game Centre and see their scores […]

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MyPass 使用户可以存储密码、PIN码及相关信息。 首次启动时,用户需要设置主密码。每次启动 MyPass 时,用户需要输入主密码才能查看所有已保存的密码。 用户可以轻松修改主密码。 如果用户输错主密码3次,为了安全起见,所有数据将被删除。 数据存储在设备上,不会在线同步! MyPass App Store

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