BackWay 3.0

December 20, 2017
BackWay iOS App Store App Update

BackWay 3.0 is here!


Even before this version BackWay was simple to use app and it had lots of practical use. Now it is even simpler to to use, user interface is much clearer and main functionality of the app is “right in your face”.

To sum it up, BackWay 3.0 gives you

If you already use BackWay be sure to update it, but if you did not use it already feel free to download for free on the App Store and hope you enjoy it! :)

BackWay is an iOS app that helps you navigate around and save your favourite places. It is easy to save a location, just snap a photo, add some description and voila!

You can also use BackWay as your travel log!

If you want to go back to a location, BackWay will show you direction and distance in a simple UI!

Download for free on the App Store

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