simple but adictive game
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ColorTap is a simple but addictive game. It combines the simplicity and clarity of geometry and with Sprite Kit it brings fun times to you wherever you are.

Tap on the element with the correct color and shape and earn points! If you are quick you can earn extra points!

Use destroy all option to destroy all elements or use slow down option to slow down the elements on screen.


ColorTap is a universal game, it works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touches. When you play it on the iPad you can have a battle royal with your friends and play against each other.

This game was created with Sprite Kit, awesome game framework from Apple.

Sprite Kit

At WWDC2013 Apple announced Sprite Kit, great iOS and OS X game framework.

We all love Apple’s CoreAnimation framework and how easy it is to make smooth, elegant and sharp animations. With Sprite Kit you can create awesome games. Animate sprites, simulate physics and great powerful particle systems. And all of that you can do with small amount of code. Sprite Kit is simple and clear to use, but powerful and sharp.

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